I was thrilled to create the first and third stickers of marQaha's artist sticker brand awareness series. Because marQaha's logo is a butterfly, I thought it would be a great place to start for the designs. Like real butterflies, the compositions are nearly symmetrical, with subtle differences from the left to the right side.  Over 5000 of these stickers in 2 different sizes are now decorating water bottles, computers, and whatever else you can imagine, all over Colorado and beyond!
marQaha Sticker #1

High quality export of sticker art created in Photoshop

marQaha Sticker #3

High quality export of sticker art created in Photoshop

In addition to the sticker design, I had the pleasure of doing some product photography and compositing work for marQaha too. Below are a few of the shots, showcasing their products in nature for social media.
How many butterflies can you count?
How many butterflies can you count?
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