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Kaleideo social media promo - original design made with Photoshop

Kaleideo is my proudest accomplishment to date. I invented a visual instrument that records and projects the inside of a handmade kaleidoscope in real time for immersive experiences. As a showcase of this invention, I put on two audio-visual shows for over 100 people at the Fiske Planetarium on CU Boulder's campus. At the end of each show, the audience was invited to come play with Kaleideo and learn about the project.
The enclosure features an iPhone camera,  which records the kaleidoscope as you would see it with your naked eye. I programmed built-in LED’s to create different lighting effects which are controlled by faders - think video game controller. External lights included LED gloves, flashlights, and a custom LED neopixel bucket. The entire project was fabricated by hand and programmed by me. 
To read more about Kaleideo, check out this interview I did with ATLAS!
A unique image that Kaleideo captured
A unique image that Kaleideo captured
Shortly after my event at the Fiske Planetarium, I was in contact with Dr. Joe Dispenza. His team asked me to put together a 50 minute long Kaleideo video to use as a visual aid for guided mediations at their large retreat gatherings. I filmed multiple clips using different kaleidoscope cells and stitched them together to be in sync with Soul, a mediation soundtrack by Remko Arentz. Below is a video excerpt from that piece, and shots from an event where Kaleideo was shown for over 1700 people. 
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