In December 2022, Chief Keef celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his album Finally Rich. They hosted a special concert for his top fans in collaboration with Spotify. Max Nova from Optical Animal was hired as the show's VJ (live visual artist). I was thrilled when he asked me to create a series of animated clips to use during their set on a giant LED wall behind the stage!
The 3 main themes of animations that the client wanted were: logo variations, colorful diamonds, and simulations of Chief Keef on the 100-dollar bill, which Max and I Photoshopped together. Some overarching themes to carry throughout the project were: fire, smoke, wealth, and tough. Without many other brand guidelines, I let my creativity run as wild as possible.
Check out a highlight reel of the visuals below. To browse through the individual VJ clips, check out this Youtube playlist, or hang tight - they will autoplay after the reel.

Software: Cinema 4D, Redshift, After Effects, Photoshop || Song: Diamonds by Chief Keef

Pictures and videos from the event coming soon! Stay tuned...
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