Since May 2021, I have been the sole designer at Audios, the industry's first cableless PA speaker company. Audios is still in the start-up phase, planning to launch our speakers to market in 2023. In the meantime, I have been busy creating different forms of media to prepare Audios with an arsenal of content for our website, Instagram, and other social/advertising platforms.
The goal of this project was to texture, animate, and render a photorealistic Audios Speaker to use for advertising and on the Audios website. I was given a CAD model of the speaker to start. I then created procedural redshift materials from scratch for each part of the speaker. Finally, I added dramatic lighting to the scene and wrapped it all together with a simple, but clean animation that showcases the aesthetic of the product. 

3D visualization of Audios speaker. Animated in Cinema 4D & rendered with Redshift. (4K resolution playback recommended)

To give the Audios Brand a more luxurious presence, I was tasked with creating the official Audios logo animation in a light and dark color scheme. The logo is very sharp and angular, so it was important to match that with the animation style. The result was a geometric unfolding coupled with a particle simulation to drive home the futuristic music-tech vibe. 

Light & dark versions of Audios official logo animation.  Animated in After Effects utilizing Trapcode Particular for particles. 

Logo design by Y-Studios. Sound design by Harper Rafelson.

Below are images created using Photoshop to realistically composite Audios speakers into photos that showcase our branding, value propositions, and vertical markets. None of the images below originally contained one of our speakers. Other image touch-ups include: removing unnecessary items, people, logos, ugly spots, color grading, and stylistic edits. 
For a couple of our images, I created a simple looping animation to enhance the composition.
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